Maasai Girls Education


Dear Students,

We are excited to announce that applications are now open! They will be open until October 20, 2013.

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If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

SupaMaasai Contact: George Phu – supamaasai@gmail.com

RIEL Contact: Abdul Snobar – asnobar@ryerson.ca


SupaMaasai x RIEL


Based on the foundation of “Learning through experience”, the Internal Education Village will be embedded within the community of Loodariak and accommodate a group of international students whose objectives will be to learn from the community members and participate in projects initiated by the community.

They act as a helping hand rather than initiating their own “international development projects”. The idea is for the students to enhance what is already in place, through an interchangeable exchange of ideas and recommendations.

The goal is to create and sustain a symbiotic relationship of mutual benefit. The international students will gain access to the village for a preset time period by contributing program fees that will pay for the infrastructure being used by them along with food and activities that they will take part in.

The objective will be to give these visitors a real life look at Maasai culture and traditions, learn about the challenges faced by the community at all levels and help learn a new skill by implementing tangible projects that will be sustainable even after these students leave.

This opportunity will be open throughout key time periods that align with downtime in the academic years of both secondary and post secondary students in the participating country. There will be a focus on creating partnerships with post secondary institutions over a minimum of five years and sustaining at least three to four groups at a time over the fall, winter and summer semesters of a post secondary institution.

For information on Ryerson International Experiential Learning (RIEL), please click here.