Loodariak Education Festival

This festival will be a culmination of all the four pillars identified within the foundation (Health, Culture, Social Enterprise, and Education) and will endeavour to engage all sectors of the Loodariak community. Women groups will be able to showcase their craftsmanship and creativity through their beadwork products. Youth of both genders will have access to recreational programs such as a track and field competition and a soccer tournament. The men in the community will have an opportunity to participate in a livestock showcase. The festival will also feature unique oratory performances by youth and elders in order to ensure that the Maasai culture is transmitted to and preserved by the next generation.

The festival will not be limited to the activities discussed above and will be open to neighbouring villages in Kajiado county. Additional activities will focus on SupaMaasai guiding pillars of Education, Social Entrepreneurship, Health and Culture, such as:

  • HIV and AIDS awareness programs
  • offering Voluntary Counselling and Testing (VCT)
  • workshops on social entrepreneurship
  • community discussions on the importance of inclusive education

The festival will also act as a platform for the private sector and not for profit partnerships to show a commitment to the community. They will do so firstly by supporting the cultural preservation of the Maasai traditions. Additionally the festival will encourage them to create opportunities for education and entrepreneurship in order to alleviate the barriers of illiteracy and poverty facing the Loodariak community at the moment.